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I'm going to do Undertale Comic : Tattletale (Cross over)
Takes place on the surface, after Frisk free every monster. Many mouths later, It's closer to Christmas. At Frisk's house decorates for Christmas. That night Frisk wanted to open the Christmas gift early. So they wake up at night.

More will be in the Comic. Please support me for more interesting story for the comic!

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I wondered.
I random the RP Generator by this name in the first time.
guess what, even RP Generator ship this.

NT Chara (c) :iconpinkapop:
W.D Sans (c) :iconselinaut:
Kitty Alphys - Don't mind that hole please
Hi, It's me Pinkapop
Yeah, I know now the BG is suck XD
And TBH I think Alphys's hair/fur style is more better than Undyne XD
annnd her tail is not even cat tho.
Alphys can be sometime 4 eyes(eyes and glasses) and 4 ears(Cat ears and Cat Ears Headband) cuz she is a fan of MewMewKissyCutie

Also I've got the bad news and good news.
-The first bad news is my Paint Tool Sai had expired ;w;
-The first good news is I got my Paint Tool Sai back \( ;w; )/
-The second bad news is all my old progress can't be bring back ;w; so i draw alphys new again, and more arts.
-The second good news is I'm going back to my dad's place tomorrow, it mean I can draw the ask again.
-The third bad news is I can only use Sai and Draw Pad at my mom's place. So from now I can't use it ;w;
-The third good news is at my dad's place, wifi is better than mom's place.
-The fourth bad news is I can't progressing this series and I can't draw collab and take request ;w;
-The fifth bad news is I can't progress my comic ;w;
-The sixth bad news is it's almost school ;w;
So it's all I guess.

Kittytale(Mine) by :iconpinkapop:

More Kittytale's Character doodle:
More soon
Fakemon - Wabergue
Hi, It's me Pinkapop
Yep, Pokemon in pixelart... PIXELMON-
well, this was created before i know sun and moon XD

Types: Water/Flying
Spiecies: Winged seal (Bird Seal)
Found: Sea/Ocean
Wabergues are live in the sea and ocean. Wabergues are knows as the swimming bird. They use their wings to help with their swimming skill and direction. Their paw have a little claws that they use to catch preys. They usually live as herd. The pokemon that they scared of is Ocalos.
Hi, It's me Pinkapop.
Yesterday, my mom found a sparrow got bitten by a dog. AND IT'S SHAME THAT THE DOG IS OUR PET. But we don't know which dog bite the poor birdy :( But my favorite dog, Fluffy is lying next to the sparrow. But my mom said Fluffy doesn't seem like biting the sparrow, and I hopes that i wasn't her at all.
So, after my mom brought the poor bird to my grandma, its left wing was hurt.
Img 20170423 124030 by Pinkapop <-- Poor birdy :(
And its leg seem also hurt. And the thing is, in my house there're 2 cats. And the seem to interest with this bird -.-; DON'T EAT BIRDY.
My mom tell me to search up on internet that what birds eat. My mom thought that this is chick(AKA young bird) but I thought this is full-grown. But I searched up for young bird's diet, it showed up yolk. Actually it's normal cuz baby bird in egg eat yolk, but this is not young bird as I think <-< Somehow my mom feed it with yolk.
In the afternoon of yesterday, it seem like starting flapping wings :D SO EXCITING FOR ME. But we can't let it yet cuz its wing doesn't good enough for that moment, so it's in my house for one day.

Today it's much better :D But it kinda making sound in a spare-cage(AKA my basket) so my 2 CATS jumped there. I was scared that cats will do anything that make birdy scared. So I brought the bird in my bedroom. But after I go out my room for breakfast, IDK when did my cat get in my room, it make the basket falls and opened. When I heard it I dashed in my room, I was shocked and quick to the basket. Thank god that it's fine ^^; So we decided to let it today.
Img 20170424 100859 1 by Pinkapop <-- Spare cage and the better birdy :D
So I and my grandma brought the birdy sparrow to outside, and let it. It doesn't fly up yet but, I hopefully that it'll be better soon ^^
Img 20170424 101430 1 by Pinkapop <-- Good luck, Birdy ^^

This birdy is lucky ^^
But...When I and my grandma back at home again....



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